Sewing Machine Tables

If you will be able to find suppliers of all types of sewing machine tables in the colors and sizes you need to make your sewing projects enjoyable.

With a wide variety of choices and manufacturers, sewing machine tables (also called sewing machine cabinets) will keep your sewing projects organized and out of sight.Read more information on sewing machines

Having Sewing machine tables is especially important if you are one of those people that have your sewing machine on the kitchen table. You either leave a half finished project on your kitchen table or you lug everything to another room.

Sewing machine tables offer you a place to work on your sewing projects without all the more information on how to buy a used sewing machine table by clinking here

Once you decide to buy a Sewing machine table you need to make sure you buy one that meets your needs. You will fall into one of following three categories

  • IF you only do basic sewing and repairs you only need a basic sewing machine tables with a few storage areas.
  • If you do a lot of sewing projects you will need a bigger table with lots of storage and should have a good lifting device to raise your sewing machine.
  • If you are a professional seamstress you should have a dedicated room with a large l shape sewing machine table.

You should have a power lift for your sewing machine.

Now you know which category you belong to you will need to decide on the following points

  • Height:

    If you are average height the sewing machine table surface work area should be 28 inches which is the normal height. If you need a different height check around there are companies that make adjustable height work areas.

  • Space:

    You need to first pick the area that you are going to use as a sewing area. Then you need to measure the space. Most sewing machine tables don’t take up much room when they are in the unused position. When you unfold the top add drop leaves the work area increases dramatically. Just make sure you have enough room when the sewing machine cabinet is fully opened. You also will need to make sure you have enough room for patterns or anything else you will have on top of the workarea.Sewing Machine Tables

  • Storage:

    Look closely at the storage the sewing machine table has make sure it has enough room for all your sewing supplies. You want all your supplies stored in your sewing cabinet. That way everything is in one place.

  • Stationary or Mobile:

    Depending on your needs you can have you sewing machine tables on wheels so you can move it to different spots. If you want it to roll make sure that two of the wheels will lock. I would suggest you have a stationary sewing machine cabinet if possible.

You also have a choice on the lift mechanism that raises your sewing machine.

  • Folding:

    The action of you unfolding the top or expanding the cabinet raises the sewing machine.

  • Air:

    You use your hand to raise the sewing machine in position. This is often assisted with shocks.

  • Electric:

    They sewing machine table has an electric motor that raises the sewing machine.

  • Lever:

    Has a lever in side of cabinet that when pulled raises the sewing machine into position.

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